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The  Lost


A changing world as you progress the game.
A multi-faceted battle system with a focus on tactics, not grinding.
A story-focused game full of challenging battles.
An open world where you can go where you like.

The world is divided into areas where you can fight epic battles if you play it smart.

[*]Extra events to discover. See if you can defeat powerful monsters and find mysterious treasures and story lore.

[*]Entertaining dialogue and characters and a deeply rooted history lore.

[*]Mini games, optional characters, tribe villages improvement, Private base build up and much more.


In a desert occupied by several tribes, a mysterious army appears from the south and annihilates anyone in their path. The Briën tribe has been destroyed as their tribe was settled farthest to the south. All of the other tribe's get summoned to the Dokta tribes village to stop this new evil from killing them all. Kaan the chieftain of the Dokta tribe, and their village champion Ragno try to come up with a plan to do this. A fierce conversation between the two could be heard from the outside moments before Ragno storms out of Kaan's mansion and leaves.

Kaan, firmly believing that the 'Glowing Fire' will help them to achieve victory, rallies the troops loyal to him and leads them into battle. Ragno, on the other hand, leaves the Dokta region and goes north followed by almost all of the other tribes. Only the Nomad tribe that once got saved by Kaan are still loyal to him and stay to fight off this evil army. But why, why did Ragno leave and why did the other tribes follow him? Is everything lost, or is there still hope...

-The Lost-


The Lost (Demo) Updated 4-6-2022

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Soooo, is there a place to get updates or..

Pretty good; I like how I can basically recruit anyone (I didn't realize Reem was a character until I accidentally  clicked on him.) More please!

Only gripe was how the game force quits every so often.

How to save.

But im play in App Joipay

Open up your menu -> save game. Or talk to a Mezun Merchant -> press Save


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At least it's a small penis so it doesn't hurt :P 
'0 Damage'

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This is a wonderful title, and I'm glad your hard work has been paying off. It is atmospheric, it has a rich story, and an engaging and unique combat system. Keep up the good work!

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Maybe you should play it before you make a comment about it being bad hahaha. Your names scream 'I'm a troll'. Kids these days ^^

@Womkoh; Gotta love that you even made another account (so honored) and keep going with this act. Lol

A new version has been uploaded with the base building fully implemented and all the choices and extra's implemented for it! Enjoy building up your base while you find more warriors to join your cause.

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You got a pretty sharp tongue towards other people making games with rpg maker whether they are novice like me or having a little of experience   but i will be nicer than you are ... your game is pretty good and Kaan makes me think of Kirk Douglas in that viking movie from 1958.

About the event that require the pickaxe to enter the enemy camp we should not need to go back to the entrance of that cave if we have already the pickaxe in our belongings just saying.

I am not  one that should comment someone else on their english as i am not good enough in english but i can recognize a mistake or typing mistake when i see one.. but i'll let you figure it out where it is.

If you want to speak more freely, you can, I don't mind. Thank you for checking it out and the free version of Grammarly seems to miss something here and there. Others also reported some mistakes. My English isn't that good and the game has become too big for me to get all the flaws as a solo dev. 

I'll check up on that event with the pickaxe setting you back to the cave. It shouldn't do that indeed. Thanks for letting me know! 

New updates have been applied with the newest just now! Enjoy!

I've made a different download link as this link was from 2+ years ago. Sorry for not updating here. Many MANY MMMMAAAAAANY improvements have been made since then. So enjoy all the new features. 

Future updates will automatically be added to this link so no more old versions for the gamers here!

Thank you for this :)

played it and loved it! Awesome job bro!!